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About Vox

Vox was founded in 2014 by Melissa Bell, Ezra Klein, and Matthew Yglesias at Vox Media. Vox was founded with a mission of explaining the news candidly where there is an information overload on the internet. Vox Crossword was started in September 2019 with an aim of satisfying the curiosity in us. Vox Crosswords are published on all weekdays for putting your knowledge to test and relieve you a little from your stress – Monday to Saturday. Crossword lovers can just bookmark their website so they can keep revisiting daily to solve the new puzzles. (Need help with Vox Crossword Answers? this is how our website come into play)

As it has just been a year since Vox started publishing crosswords, if you have any feedback like if they were too hard, or too easy, or if you have a theme idea, or if you happen to find a bug, or even if you just love their crosswords and want to let them know that, you can write to crosswords at vox dot com.

How to play Vox Crossword?

For getting the correct Vox Crossword answers, the clues can be solved in no particular order. To enter an answer, you can click on either a box or a clue in the grid. For moving around the grid, enter or shift plus enter, arrow keys, or tab or shift plus tab keys can be used. The clues whose words are filled will be marked in Gray, regardless if they are right or not.

  • Reveal: if you feel stuck at a clue, you can click ‘Reveal’ on the top right. There are 3 options to reveal – a single box, a complete word, or the complete grid.
  • Check: Next to reveal on the top is the ‘Check’ button which can be clicked to check if your answers are right. Here as well you can see if you want to verify one letter, word, or the whole grid. Wrong answers will be marked in Red till they are written upon again.
  • Error Check Mode: Under Settings on the top right, you can find the Error Check Mode to see if you have typed any incorrect entries. Once you turn it on, all the incorrect clues and entries will be marked red.
  • Scoring: Every correct word fetches you 10 points. When you use the Reveal button, you will lose points – every revealed square costs you 1 point, however, a correct answer will get you 10 points. If the word is revealed completely, you will get 0 points. The puzzle’s target time to finish is 15 minutes. If you finish it under 15 minutes, you get 1 point for every remaining minute. It’s important to note here that if you do go beyond 15 minutes, no points will be deducted.
  • Clear: If you wish to reset the whole grid, you can click the ‘Clear’ button. Once you do that, you will see an empty grid and a timer that has been reset to 0:00.
  • Print: The ‘Print’ button can be used to print either an empty puzzle, or the grid with all the letters that you have filled in till now, or the grid with the whole solution. The print solution option is unavailable to contest-mode puzzles.
  • Timer: If the timer stresses you out, you can just hide it by going to the Settings.

Vox Crossword authors: All Vox Crosswords are created by Adrian Powell which are then edited by the Vox staff.

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