Playing Crossword in Covid-19

covid and crossword fun

Crosswords are a fun brain game that anyone can play. They will keep you occupied for hours. During Covid-19, crosswords are a great way to spend your time. They are not only fun but also offer numerous benefits. Crosswords help you gain knowledge and improve your vocabulary. Let’s take a detailed look at why playing crosswords are good for you in the time of Coronavirus Pandemic.

Crosswords can be easily played at Home

This is one of the main advantages of Crossword. You can play them at home without going out. In the time of Covid-19, lockdowns are imposed to keep you safe. By solving crossword puzzles at home, you can maintain your social distancing and have some fun. You just need a device to play and a stable Internet. Many websites and apps are available where you can play crosswords on your smartphone.

Crosswords doesn’t cost anything

You can play crossword puzzles for free on many reputed websites. If you want to play other games, you have to buy the gaming console and the game in particular. Same is with sports. However, crosswords don’t require much to play. You just need a pencil and a newspaper. If you are playing crosswords online, you just need a smartphone or tab and Internet. Crosswords are a cheap way to have a lot of entertainment.

Crosswords makes you Knowledgeable

When you solve crosswords, you come across words which you may never have heard of before. Some crosswords are quite complicated and feature many sophisticated words. By playing crosswords, you gain trivia and information. Your general knowledge is also increased when you solve crossword puzzles. Many puzzles are based on history, movies, games, pop culture, songs, artists, news, and sports. It is a nice way to enhance your vocabulary and gain knowledge.

Crosswords are good for your memory

Crosswords are good for your memory. Many scientific studies have shown that when you play crosswords, you are using your brain more than usual. Your brain cells are more active which helps you preserve your cognitive functions. People who play crosswords regularly are more likely to have healthier memory than those who don’t play crosswords at all.

Crosswords teaches you Persistence

Crosswords are not only a fun game but they teach you valuable lessons as well. One of the lessons they teach is persistence. When you are solving a puzzle and you can’t figure out an answer despite all your might, you don’t give up. You persist and try to solve the puzzle at any cost. Patience also comes in handy when you play crosswords. Crosswords makes you a letter problem-solver too. These qualities makes you a better person as a whole and improve your character.

Crosswords makes you more Productive

Crosswords can be highly productive. Solving a crossword successfully can improve your mood. When you feel happy and relaxed, you become more productive. That’s why may companies advice their workers to play crosswords on their break so that they can be more productive.


Crosswords are one of the best ways to keep yourself busy in the Coronavirus pandemic. They allow you to have fun while observing the rules of social distancing. Moreover, they are highly educational and informative.