What are the 5 Best Crossword Puzzle Books for Your Kids?

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Children love playing games and toys all day! But when it comes to sitting and focusing on their studies, it seems like a struggle not just for the parents but also the kids themselves. Crossword puzzles in such situations seem to be one of the smartest ways to educate your kids and help them focus in their work.

Today, in the digital world children seem to be more dependent on smartphones for entertainment and learning things. But, too much of phone time is not a good thing for the young Einstein’s. Crossword puzzles, on the contrary to such smartphones are a better and more enriching way to teach your kids about the names and spellings of things such as vegetables, fruits, countries, flowers, and more. Buying a crossword puzzle book would thus prove to be the best educational gift for your child. So, here are the top 5 favorite crossword puzzle books that you should buy for your kid.

1. Everything’s Kids’ Puzzle Book
Age : 7 – 12 year old kids
Grade level : 4 -6

Written by Jennifer A. Ericsson, this book is not just any puzzle book. It has an adventure on each page with a variety of logic games, artwork and more. The book has Mervin the Mouse cartoon on each page to help guide the kids through the different puzzle games. Secret codes and interactive labyrinths help the kids to have fun with the puzzles.

2. Cool Crosswords for Kids ( 74 Super puzzles to solve)
Age : 8 – 12 Years
Grade Level : 3 – 7
An updated and well informed crossword puzzle book written by Sam Bellotto Jr. (crossword constructor who also contributes to the New York Times Magazine) the book is one of the most loved books of all. The crossword includes clues from kid movies such as Harry Potter, Scaly Tales, Wiz Kids, and more. The book features puzzles with dragons, reptiles, lizards and other swampy creatures, sports fans, etc.

3. The Brainiest Insaniest Ultimate Puzzle Book
Age: 7 – 12 years
Grade Levels : 3 – 4
This crossword book will not let your kids down. The crossword puzzle pages in the book are truly the brainiest, Insaniest and most interesting of all. Written by Robert Leighton (a New York Cartoonist) who makes sure the book is funny and interesting with visual appeal and the most mind bending puzzles. Every section of the book has a different theme such as ‘Gray Matter’, Flea Circuit and other games.

4. My First Crossword Puzzle for Kids
Age: 8 – 11 years
Grade Levels : 1 – 5
A great book for beginners, this crossword puzzle book has 25 easy to moderate puzzles that help to develop your kids literary skills.

5. The Christmas Word Search 101 Large Print Puzzles for Adults and Kids
Age: For all
Grade Level : For all
A crossword puzzle book that is made for all! Written by Charles Timmerman, the book is ideal for the holiday season when the snow makes you all lazy. The book has puzzles, each including 30 words allowing the kids and adults to play the mind game together.